How to Recover Deleted Files from PC for Free

If you've accidentally deleted files you might be able to get them back using some free software. We help you find deleted photos and files, lost folders and more.

When you delete any file in windows, you want to recover deleted files on pc it goes to Recycle bin where you can easily restores it as it has restore option. But what if you delete files permanently ?. Sometimes we accidently deletes images, videos and important document files from your pc, Pendrive, SD card or anything else then how can you recover it ? Well don’t worry about it there are many powerful file recovery software available on the internet which let you to recover permanently deleted files from your pc. here is my favorite One.

How to Recover Deleted files from PC using EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional .

EASE US is one of the most popular and powerful data recovery tool. the Latest Version of EaseUS is Paid . But Older version is free. So Today I will share you the older free version of EaseUS through which you can Recover Deleted Files from your System.

The Process of Recovering Files from this Tool is very Easy you have to just follow the instructions from wizard.

It has 3 Recovery mode
  1. Deleted File Recovery - Files Deleted from Recycle Bin.
  2. Complete Recovery - Files Lost Due to Format , Display Disk as RAW or Windows asks "Do you want to format this drive?" , Files loss after a system crash , virus attack , software crash etc. 
  3. Partition Recovery - Accidentally deleted a partition , Partition loss due to disk partitoning , Boot Manager, etc

Just Select any of these mode and after that see the Instructions for recovering the data.


  1. that are capable of restoring back deleted contacts such apps requires root access to execute some certain taxs.
    g co recover

  2. That for the tips, Is this free software?


  3. The internet which let you to recover permanently deleted files from your pc. here is my favorite Mac data recovery software


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