How To Add Revolver Visitor's Tracking Widget To Blogger

Visitor tracking widgets are a useful way to display visitor statistics on the front of the user.On Internet you will get wide range of visitor tracking widgets and we don't know which one we should use . In this Post I  will show you the best Live visitor tracking  widget for your Blog.I will show you the simple Steps that how you can use this widget in your Website or Blog.

Today I will Discuss about a simple and great widget name Revolver maps Widget.It is freely available . Revolver Map displays all visitor locations and recent hits live and in realtime on a revolving globe of the Earth. It provides an amazing 3D online visitor counter for blogger/website.

Revolver Maps displays the locations of your visitors as well as the number of visits from the time of the installation on your site.

Every one like this widgets because these are truly eye-catching and attractive. Also, this third party visitor analyzer will generate some important website stats reports for your blog. You can visit them to get your blog’s report at any time after adding their widget.
If you want to keep track of where your visitors live or in what country they are, then its a perfect widget for you.

Simple Steps for use Revolver maps Widget in Your Blog / Website .

1. Click on the Link to Get your Desired Widget Click Here and Click on the "Get this Widget" button.
2. Customize the Widget as you want for your blog.

3. Now copy the widget code and use it in your Blog / Website. 

How to use the Widget in Blogger

1. Login to your Blog on which you want to add this Widget.

2. Click on Layout from the left side of the window in the Blogger dashboard.

3. Now Click on "Add a Gadget" 

4. After that Select " HTML / JavaScript ".

5. Now name the Title If you want and paste the coded which we copied and Click on Save.

Now you can See the 3D Google Earth Widget on your Blog which show the real time location of Visitor
That's it , using this tutorial you can use this revolver maps in your Blog/Website.If you have any problem with this post , please comment below I will definitely solve the issue. Moreover, all of these widgets are responsive so you don’t have to think about the width or height of the widget container.


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