Easy way to Resolve the Xampp and VMware Port 443 error

Xampp is a free and open source web server solution package developed by Apache Friends and its Initial Release was in May 2002.XAMPP stands for (X) Cross-Platform, (A) Apache,(M) MariaDB,(P)PHP and (P)Perl. It is a simple and Lightweight Package which use by developers to create a local web server for testing purpose. Everything needed to set up a web server Apache, MariaDB, and PHP is included in this XAMPP package.XAMPP is cross-platform , it means it works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.Simply XAMPP is a collection of many Softwares like Apache, MySql, PHP, Perl,phpMyAdmin etc.That's why we run XAMPP so that we can run all these other services from a Single XAMPP Package.

Apache is a web server software which is widely used.It is Developed and Maintained by Apache Software Foundation.Apache is an open source software as it is freely available for use.Maximum of Web Servers in the world are run on Apache.It is fast, reliable, secure and easy to use.

XAMPP and VMware both are run on Port 443 as both the applications use the same port and that's why we see this error to reconfigure apache.The Solution for this is that we can change the Port of VMware or XAMPP.and the best way to resolve this problem is that we can change the port of VMware.So we will change the port of VMware so that we can run XAMPP without any error.

These are the few Steps by which we can change the Port of VMware.So don't miss any Step and Let's Start.

Steps to Resolve the XAMPP and VMware Port 443 Error

Step 1. First Open VMware Workstation. Go to Edit > Preferences.This will show the Preferences Settings Window.

Step 2. Now in the Preferences Window, Click on the "Shared VMs" Tab.You will see the VMware Workstation Server Details as shown below.

Step 3. Now Click on Change Settings. It will prompt for Administrator Permission Window, Click on Yes.

Step 4. Now Click on "Disable Sharing" and after that change the port from 443 to 4430 and Click on "Enable Sharing".and Click on OK.

Now we have changed the VMware Port, Now we will not get 443 XAMPP error.Now open XAMPP and Start Apache and now you can see that we will not get any error regarding VMware or Apache port.

So above Steps is all about that How to Resolve the XAMPP and VMware Port 443 Error.With these Steps, you can Run XAMPP and Start Apache Service without any Error.Hope you all like this post, share it with others too and Leave a comment below if you need any suggestion at any steps.


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