How to Enable root user in Ubuntu Desktop

Nowadays Ubuntu becomes a trend on people, as everyone is using Ubuntu for their personal or commercial use. Ubuntu community releases its version in April and October in a year. Ubuntu community release LTS (Long Term Support) version one to two years in the month of April. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS was released on 21-04-2016. The version name is made up of year and month. In Ubuntu 16.04.1 16 denotes 2016, 04 denotes April, and 1 is the extended version of 16.04.

This Tutorial will show you how to enable the root user on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. During the installation process, it didn't ask to set up a password for the root user in Ubuntu System. Instead, It creates a regular user who has administrative privileges to work as a root user. Thus, the user which we set at the time of installation is a member of sudo, And sudo has superuser privilege. Here sudo denotes the superuser, using sudo command we can do almost every task. But in some cases, we need root user privileges. That's why we need to enable root user in our Ubuntu System. Using the Below Steps we can Enable root User Login in our Ubuntu System.

Enable using su Command in Terminal

By default, the root account password is locked in Ubuntu. So, when you do su -, you’ll get an Authentication failure error message as shown below.
By default, the root account password is locked in Ubuntu Desktop. That's why whenever you so su-, you will get an Authentication Failure error message as shown below.

Enable Ubuntu Desktop root password

To enable the Ubuntu root account, first, we need to set up a password for the root user. To set up the root password, open the Linux terminal and execute.

Once you run the command, you will be asked for the sudo password, here type your own user password, Then you will be asked to enter a new root password.
Now with the new password, you can log in as superuser with su command

Login to Ubuntu Desktop directly using the root account
Now open the 50-ubuntu.conf file with your favorite text editor

Now add the following line to the end of the file
Now save the file and exit.
That's it !! Now restart your system, and now you can login as root user in your Ubuntu Desktop.
Now enter the username as root and enter the root password which you have set in the above steps.

So above is all about that how we can Enable root user in Ubuntu Desktop. With these Steps, you can log in with root users in Ubuntu Desktop and have all root Access. Hope you all like this post, share it with others too and leave a comment below if you need any suggestion at any steps.


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