Add or Manage DNS Records on Windows Server 2016

This Article is a part of Windows Server 2016  Tutorials series. In the two previous Article, we have discussed What is DNS (Domain Name System) and Its Installation and Configuration of DNS in Windows Server 2016. Using these two Articles you can Successfully Install and Configure DNS Server on your Windows Server Machine. Now we will move forward and see How to Add or Manage DNS Records on Windows Server 2016. So Let's get Started. Before these remember that your system Should be Setup with DNS.

As we all know, in DNS we can Add records according to our need.In most cases, the DNS server is configured to automatically update its records. As per the Server's Configuration, all the Client computers that are members of an existing domain will automatically register their computer names along with their corresponding IP addresses with the DNS server.
Sometimes in an organization administrators do not allow the Client Computers to automatically update DNS records.When the administrator set this type of Configuration then the administrator have to manually add or alter the DNS records in the DNS Server for the Name resolution.Using this the Security is also maintained.If you also have configured your DNS Server with this type of Configuration, then you can follow the below Steps given in this tutorial that how you can manually add a DNS host Record in the  DNS Server.

Let's See how to you can add a New DNS Record on Windows Server 2016.For this, we need to follow the Following Steps.

Step 1. Open Server Manager Console, From the Dashboard, Click on DNS > Right Click on Server IP Address and Select DNS Manager.

Step 2. Now DNS Manager will Open. From the Left, Panel Expand the Server Name, and then Expand Forward Look Zones.

Step 3.Click on Domain name and Right Click on the Empty Field and Click on New Host (A and AAA).

Step 4. Now a New Dialog Box will appear with the title New Host
  • The first field is Name (uses parent domain name if blank), here you have to type the Computer's hostname for add a new record.
  • The second field is of Fully qualified domain name (FQDN), Check that there should primary DNS suffix has to be automatically added to the name in this field.
  • The third field is IP Address, here you have to type the IP address of the target computer. 
  • In Next, Select the Checkbox Create associated pointer(PTR) record.
  • Finally, Click on Add Host to add the Host to the DNS Records.
In my case, I put in IP Address field so that when I type it will redirect to

So in the above Steps, we have manually added a DNS host Record in the  DNS Server for a client can add client DNS records like this.In next Part, we will Discuss Active Directory on windows server 2016.

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So above Steps is all about How to add or manage records in DNS Server.With these Steps, you can add any client DNS records in the DNS Server. Hope you all like this post, share it with others too and Leave a comment below if you need any suggestion at any steps.


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